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> And so it is, at least in the later stories. Here's a run-down of the
>Jupiter Energy Fleet's role in the Gundam saga...
>* First Gundam: Newtype candidate Challia Bull is transferred from Zeon's
>energy fleet to its military branch, the first of many Jupiter newtypes.

I prefer Sharia Bull.

>* Z Gundam: Newtype Paptimus Scirocco, captain of a Jupiter Energy Fleet
>ship, becomes a major ally of the Titans and ultimately seizes control of
>the organization, using his ship (the Jupitoris) as a base of operations
>* Gundam ZZ: Hero Judau Ashta ultimately quits the Federation and joins
>the Jupiter Energy Fleet.

Ah, I didn't know about these facts above - they weren't in the Gundam
Project, and I haven't finished watching Zeta and Double Zeta. Forgive my
ignorance. ^_^

>* Gundam F91: Supposedly, the Crossbone Vanguard capture a Jupiter Energy
>Fleet ship to secure an energy supply for their independent nation of
>Cosmo Babylonia, and end up forming an alliance with the fleet. This
>stuff was cut from the final version of the movie, but you can see the
>captain and his wife in the audience at the CV rally midway through the
>movie. As a result of this alliance, the Federation is unable to attack
>Cosmo Babylonia for fear of an energy embargo, and this upstart nation
>remains independent for five years...

Exactly how much stuff was left out the movie? ^_^

Actually, another question - it's said that large amounts of helium-3 can be
found in the Moon's soil, left there by the solar wind, so why isn't the
Moon a highly-contested location?

>* Crossbone Gundam: In this Tomino-penned comic, the remaining Crossbone
>Vanguard wage a secret war against the Jupiter Empire, the totalitarian
>society that has taken over the Jupiter fleet. It's revealed that the

Weren't they just allied with them?

>Jupiter Energy Fleet has been funding resistance movements for decades to
>weaken the Federation, and caused the collapse of Cosmo Babylonia after
>that nation's softening political stance made it useless as an anti-
>Federation tool.
>* V Gundam: Despite the defeat of the Jupiter Empire, the Jupiter Energy
>Fleet continues supporting anti-Federation movements. The Zanscare

They supply energy to the Federation, then use the money to fund
anti-Federation movements? ^_^

>Empire, controlled by a former Jupiter fleet member, is backed by the
>energy fleet, and Jupiter helps construct the incredible psychic weapon
>Angel Halo.
> As you can see, we hear about the Jupiter Energy Fleet in just about
>every Gundam story (at least the ones written by Tomino), and in the
>later ones it becomes a major power to rival the Federation itself.

I see. Thanks for clearing things up.

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