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>Here's my take on this scene:
>Which ones are nuclear? Funnels, go! There's shouldn't be too many ... there!
>The missiles were intercepted? Hathaway! Amuro!
>There's still more? [Missile hits] Pretty good, Bright! What?
>As I heard it, Char reiterated Quess' "Funnels, go!" and not Gyunei's "go after
>the missiles with the most heat".... I'd have to assume that Char had

Hmmm...I see where you're coming from, but as I said, I still remember Char
saying something about his funnels seeking targets. Perhaps he said it
before or after the scene? I really must go and check...

>reconfigured his funnels off screen, either manually or verbally, to seek the
>nukes first, after seeing (and congratulating Gyunei) on doing the same.

Ummm, how do the funnels do this without psychic help? ^_^

>In any case, it wasn't any Newtype perception that identified the muclear
>missiles, just the Mark I eyeball observig them in action. Nor were the
>directed by any Newtype control to seek out the nukes, just instructed to go
>after the hottest targets.

Until the uranium inside has actually detonated, I would assume that normal
missiles and nuclear ones are equally hot or cold...

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