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In some cases the fins are different. There is usually one made of regular
styrene, and one made of softer plastic (in Z-Gundams case the soft ones are
much sharper). I suppose they're handy if you break 'em. Personally, I'm
happy, because then I can steal them and use them on kitbashes/resin
kits/etc. Anyone wanting to get rid of their extra v-fins should send them
promptly to me. :)

Peter Savin

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Subject: [gundam] V-Fins Galore...

>Uh, I hope there are no stupid questions, only stupid people, so here
>goes (wait a minute, does that make me stupid?): why do all my MG kits
>have two V-fins? And why is one molded in one piece and the other in
>two? Is this some sort of twisted Bandai mix-and-match fun?
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