Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 16:57:53 -0800

>> Go with Rainbow 10. Compared to HLJ:
>> - Rainbow 10 wraps your kits individually in platic bags to avoid box
>> damage during shipping, all at no extra charge.
>While I agree with all of the other stuff said, I just need to relate my own
>experience on this damage during shipping bit. The plastic bags makes no
>difference, I've had more crushed boxes with R10 than HLJ.

The plastic bag does prevent the edges of different boxes from scratching
the surface of the box, especially the side that has the cover artwork.
Sometimes they'd even use air bubbles (like the kind Amazon.com used to have)
for stuff like PG kits. HLJ, by comparison, thinks a few pieces of
newspaper (with ink smudge free of charge) would suffice even with a $300+
order of kits and collectables.


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