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<< How stable is the PG Zeta Gundam in MS and Wave Rider form? Is the PG
 worth getting, for those who like the Zeta? Also, how much harder then the
 Rx-78 is the Zeta's light up parts are to assemble?

It is vary stable in both modes. They have a series of connectors that
"lock" all of the parts in place. It really is an awesome kit. As for the
electronic parts, I thought they were actually easier then the RX-78. They
are more like the Zaku's electronics in that they are more idiot proof. With
the RX-78 you had to get the LED lined up perfectly or it wouldn't work.
With the Zaku and the Zeta they have wires that screw into specific holes.
That way you aren't having to worry about aligning anything . I would
definately recommend this kit as the best PG kit and by far the best
rendition of the Zeta ever made.


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