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Couple of things have been bugging me lately in regards to various colors
of things...
1. Why is Amuro's Zetaplus red and white? I guess the obvious answer being
Camille already had dibs on the traditional red, white, and blue, but is
there any real reason?
2. Leading from that, what was the deal with the (stunningly attractive)
color scheme scene on the Jafcon exclusive MSIA Zeta Gundam? The so called
Kalaba/Amuro Rei scheme done up in spiffy blue camo. Just a fan creation or
does it have a story?
3. Yellow or gold? For the modellers out there, do you paint your v-fins and
vents yellow or gold? Up till now, with my limited experience, I've been
going with yellow, but thanks to some great experiences with Tamiya's chrome
silver paint, i'm just wondering if gold might not look better...
4. Any tutorials on brushpainting camoflage out there on the web? I checked
all the usual suspects for Gundam painting tips, but I'd imagine this would
be something a bit more generalized, and I don't really know where to look.
5. Any suggestions on what color paint I'm gonna need to paint my MG RX-178
Titans version? I have easy access to Tamiya paint, and I've been highly
pleased with it so far so I'd prefer to stick with that brand ... so if you
can reccomend something from that line that would fit the bill, i'd like to
hear it.

Domo arigatou ;p

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