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>That wasn't Char. It was Gyunei, in response to the sixth wave, which was a
>full salvo of nukes. Before, there'd only been one nuke in each wave of
>conventional missiles, a trend spotted by Char when he destroyed them as a
>matter of course.
>The full run of Gyunei's dialogue was:
>"Quess! Londo Bell's mobile suits? Missiles! These are nuclear missiles!
>Funnels, go after the missiles with the most heat ... hit them! I did it!"

Thanks for quoting the original dialogue here, but I'll still certain that
Char was the one who detected the nukes with his funnels. No, I'm not being
hard-nosed again. ^_^ Tell you what - I will wait and get my tape back from
my friend, then rewatch and decide.

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