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>That wasn't Char. It was Gyunei, in response to the sixth wave, which was a
>full salvo of nukes. Before, there'd only been one nuke in each wave of
>conventional missiles, a trend spotted by Char when he destroyed them as a
>matter of course.
>The full run of Gyunei's dialogue was:
>"Quess! Londo Bell's mobile suits? Missiles! These are nuclear missiles!
>Funnels, go after the missiles with the most heat ... hit them! I did it!"

thanks for correcting that, Z! geez I shot myself in the foot with that - sorry for the confusion.

*wraps some gauze over his foot*

anyway, I had to rewatch CCA - when an NT's using his/her NT senses it shows a swirling background ne? then if it's so, Char used his NT senses and not the fannels as an extended sensor after launching his fannels so that the fannels could blow up the approaching missiles, although one got past him and hit Axis.

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