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> Subject: [gundam] Pegasus Class ship names
> Does anyone know the names of the Pegasus class ships from the original
> series?
> I know the first is White base,but what are the others?

According to MS Wars, the seven ships were named Pegasus, White Base, White Base
Junior, Troy Horse, Grey Phantom, Stallion, and Albion.

According to MSV Technical & History, they were named Pegasus, White Base, White
Base II, Thoroughbred, Troy Horse, Stallion, and Albion.

The model numbers were originally SCV-69 through SCV-76, but in the anime
Albion's number is given as MSC-07, so either they renumbered the entire series
or redesignated post-One Year War ships with a new numbering scheme to reflect
that it was indeed a new class of ships.


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