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Mechanically breaking a glued joint can really make your life
miserable--the plastic can tear apart other than at the joint, and then you
are stuck repairing jagged cracks and detail damage. I am assuming you are
talking about regular old plastic-to-plastic model glue; superglue and
epoxy are different stories. This sounds rough, but works:

Apply Mineral Spirits with a brush or cotton swab to the glue joint (or
soak the piece). Note--use Mineral Spirits specifically, not just any
paint remover (turpentine may also work, but I haven't tried it). Mineral
Spirits will eat the glue but not plastic (just to be safe, check the
plastic first in an inconspicuous spot). I've tried this, and the parts
will eventually fall away from each other as if never glued. I don't
remember how long it takes, but it seems to work fairly quickly. I
wouldn't leave part soaking for hours--check like every 5 minutes.

To remove the paint, use a fume free oven cleaner or brake fluid. I use EZ
Off brand non-toxic oven cleaner, and the fumes are nothing to worry about.
I put the parts in a heavy duty freezer type Ziploc bag, and let them soak.
Takes about 2 hours to remove most enamels, and won't attack the plastic at
all. Brake fluid is a lot worse to clean up.

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> Subject: [gundam] Degluing and depainting
> Hi, another typical newbie question for you? *sigh*
> All right, I screwed up my gluing and painting and now I would like to
> unglue and depaint. What can I do to unglue? Is it safe to use Oven
> on my models without gloves on my hands? Thanks.
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