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-Z- wrote:

> I just upgraded from Norton Antivirus 2000 to NAV 2001, which adds a new
> mechanism for scanning e-mail. This is to interpose itself between the e-mail
> client and the mail server, in effect replacing the Inbox.
> It happens that when I established my Z@Gundam.Com account on this machine back
> in May, I neglected to disable the "leave a copy of messages on server" mail
> delivery option.
> As a result, every message posted to the Gundam mailing list since May was
> retrieved all at once.
> That's over 10,000 messages, folks!
> On average, that's 1,800 messages per month or 60 per day.
> With the new anti-virus scanning in effect, it took about one second per message
> or about three hours to retrieve the entire block of messages.
> And here I thought that 75 messages on a single topic in one dowload was bad....
> -Z-

How does this newer version campare with the previous one?
I haven't enabled it for my e-mail upon start up but am thinking about it.

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