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Omotai wrote:

> Hi, another typical newbie question for you? *sigh*
> All right, I screwed up my gluing and painting and now I would like to
> unglue and depaint. What can I do to unglue? Is it safe to use Oven Cleaner
> on my models without gloves on my hands? Thanks.

Score the area where glued until it splits the pieces apart.

Wouldn't recommend oven cleaner, fumes are too *ahem* toxic.
Soak in Fantasic for about 12 hours and lightly scrub off with a very fine
sanding film.
For lesser patience, use ELO (Easy Lift Off) from your local hobby supplier.
Becareful as the fumes to this can
    be nauseating. Only soak for no more than 30 minutes, any onger than that
can make the plastic brittle.

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