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> I'm interested, and I can understand some french.
here it is.
If necessary, I can translate all the RPG vocabulary.
some exemple :
perso(nnage) = chara(cter)
The system, as I have already said, is based on a derivated of the Chaosium
system (as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Hawkmoon, or Runequest).
If you need the translation of the characters and mechas sheets, please tell
I must also write the characteristics of some npcs or "ready-to-play" (
prétirés) characters.
thank you in advance,
Gaëlle "gelweo" Wolf
if possible, please answer me at

... uhm, it's seems that there was a problem with my last e-mail and the
attached files I'm talking about. I'll resend them separately, and if it
doesn't work, I'll try to send these at your personnal e-mail (I can send
these to all persons interested).

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