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At 11:54 PM 02/11/00 -0800, KurenaiJiku wrote:
>In fact, I can't figure out how the SN warhead could attach itself
>to the BR. And according to standard Gundam physics and science,
>especially of the beam rifle in particular, the beam rifle namely is BEAM
>rifle. It doesn't propell anything using a mininature catapult or spring
>of any kind to launch physical projectiles. It IS still based on the 15
>shot removeable pack which later BR's in 0079 had, or at least came later
>in the UC saga. I don't remember whether pack tech was introduced in 0079,
>but for sure, the BR has no scientific explanation of physical projectile
>propellent. If the SN was used via launch of the BR, then it was probably
>due to the complete sloppiness/laziness/save screen time mentality which
>the animators had during production.

Maybe Amuro placed the Super Napalm amongst the Guncannon/Guntank rubble
and detonated it with a shot from the beam rifle.

- Gan

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