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I think the SN was a cheap way to destroy the remains without the RX-78
having to individually shoot each and every part of the rubble. The SN I
believe is just a standard conventional weapon not necessarily designed for
the BR. In fact, I can't figure out how the SN warhead could attach itself
to the BR. And according to standard Gundam physics and science,
especially of the beam rifle in particular, the beam rifle namely is BEAM
rifle. It doesn't propell anything using a mininature catapult or spring
of any kind to launch physical projectiles. It IS still based on the 15
shot removeable pack which later BR's in 0079 had, or at least came later
in the UC saga. I don't remember whether pack tech was introduced in 0079,
but for sure, the BR has no scientific explanation of physical projectile
propellent. If the SN was used via launch of the BR, then it was probably
due to the complete sloppiness/laziness/save screen time mentality which
the animators had during production.

Otherwise, just ask Mark Simmons; super Gundam otaku. Like if he doesn't
know, there has to be something wrong.


>Ok, Hotshot, you know everything about Gundam right? So what are the fixed
>and optional armaments on the original Gundam (RX-78)? The easy ones are:
>- 2 x 60 mm Vulcan Cannons (head)
>- 2 x Beam Sabres or Beam Sabre + Beam Javelin
>- Beam Rifle
>- 380 mm Hyper Bazooka
>- Gundam hammer
>- Hyper Hammer
>What are you missing? Check out
> http://side7.gundam.com/newtype_asylum/mania/column/col0013.htm
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