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> >1)VSBRs.- I'm willing to bet that a sufficiently narrow(powerful?) VSBR
> >show should be able to penetrate an I-field.
> I've never - ever! - seen any beam attack penetrate an I-field barrier.
> The VSBR is designed to penetrate beam shields, which it can indeed do on
> its maximum-penetration setting, but beam shields are easier to collapse
> than I-field barriers.
> In Crossbone Gundam, Harrison's F91 shoots through two beam shields in
> a row before the shot is finally blocked by the Crossbone Gundam's beam
> saber (or "beam zanber"). Speaking of the beam zanber, this powerful
> melee weapon is designed to cut through beam shields (and beam sabers) -
> it's blocked by the full-body beam axe of the Pez Batara, but then again
> it is trying to cut the beam axe blade edge-on.
> So yeah, there are several weapons out there that can pierce beam
> sabers and beam shields. But we've never seen a beam weapon pierce an I-
> field barrier.

That's one thing that I'm not too sure on though. I don't really recall the
use too many uses of I-fields vs Beam weapons after CCA, so I'm not sure if
I-field never went down due to the fact that it CAN'T be taken down or if
nothing powerful enough went against an I-Field equiped MS like a Zanneck
Cannon or something similar.

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