Joseph Riggs (
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 15:04:10 -0800

Andrew Dynon wrote:

> Looking at the message board at, someone asked "Has
> anybody heard the rumor about the Mir space station dropping out of orbit
> in February?" and stated that one of their reactions was "Oh my god, this
> is just like a colont drop out of Gundam!". Anyone else heard about this
> and think the same thing?
> If it does have to happen, well, landing on Sydney would be good, since I'm
> from Melbourne and we share the same kind of rich, warm love for each other
> that Israelis and Palestinians do (J/K), but still, it'd be a bit too close
> for comfort.

The difference in mass would mean that Mir would most likely burn up during
heh heh
Seriously, though, I think I remember hearing that Skylab, when it did its
reentry, happened to come down over Australia. Strange coincidence?


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