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Sorry to send yet another mail to clog your space everyone but I was
wondering soemthing;; You know, Apsaras has that huge two things which are
hanging on each side of the unit which looks like... some sort of Morning
Star??? I was just wondering whether that is supposed to be a weapon or a
balancer?;;; In 8th MS Shoutai, it never uses it???? But was Apsaras III
able to use that as a weapon in G Generation series? I really can't
remember since I never had Apsaras III ^^;;;;

Hyun Kye

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>> Norris Packard. He seemed to be more or less Ayna's bodyguard, but also
>> essentially her father figure. Sorta father/daughter type love went both
>> ways.
>The Sakhalin family were members of the Zeon nobility and Norris Packard
>what both Western and Japanese feudal systems refer to as a "family
retainer" --
>he and his family was housed, fed, clothed, and paid a stipend that would
>become a pension in return for service as a man at arms. He seems to have
>served Ginias Sakhalin in the capacity of a first sergeant, adjutant or
aide de
>camp (valet?) and was de facto guardian (in every sense of the word -- he
>probably her baby sitter when she was a child) and chaperon to Aina.
>As in the case of most servants who actually raise the children, he stood
>loco parentis to her, an honorary uncle at the very least.
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