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At 13:29 11/01/2000 +0800, Zhou Tai An wrote:
>> The GP-03, with the Dendrobium, is larger than most *MA*. If an MA
>>can carry an I-Field, a Dendrobium definitely can carry a I-Field.
>Yeah, but I don't see it using up "massive amounts of power" like you
>stated. ^_^

        To be honest, the "massive amounts of power and coolant" is a
hearsay -- but probably true. =)

        We don't know how well-powered the Dendrobium is, but since it can
develop over 2 million kg of thrust, I think there's plenty of room to build
a dedicated generator and coolant system for the I-field system. Maybe it's
even built into the generator..

        One thing that bugs me. If the I-field is so effective at blocking
beam weapons, but requires large generators and coolant systems, why didn't
they build the !#$@$ thing into warships? Granted, the expense should be
high, but protecting valuable ships like MS carriers is crucial, especially
when you consider how limited MS ranges are.

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