Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 01:08:30 -0800

>Dafydd writes,
>>For what it's worth, the White Base was called "Wooden Horse" and the Gundam
>>"White Mobile Suit" -- with Amuro usually referred to as the "White
>>Mobile Suit pilot" -- by the Zeon.
> More typically, "shiroi yatsu," where "yatsu" is apparently a somewhat
>disrespectful reference. I'm told that this could be rendered as anything
>from "that white thing" to "that white bastard",

True, although I am at a loss of finding an English equivalent of "yatsu".
It certainly is not used in a respectful manner, but "bastard" is too
harsh for the term.

> In V Gundam, Cronocle insists on calling the V Gundam "shiroi yatsu"
>because he doesn't want to dignify it with the legendary Gundam name...

Didn't he call it a "Gundam clone"?


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