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>> Nope - didn't other people hear her as well? Besides, I think Amuro was in
>> at least a pretty stable mind at that time - it's unlikely the shock of
>> battle affected him so badly (remember, at that time, he's a veteran
>> that he started hallucinating.
> When? In the original Gundam, everybody with some NT power know of her
>death, but nobody ever really heard Lalah talks, at least not in the range
>of Amuro (he was basically asking her for advice and stuff). Besides, if I

Whoops, that means I remembered incorrectly, sorry. ^_^

>remember correctly, Amuro never talks to Lalah after her death until CCA,
>which suggest that it just could be the stress he is under...

Maybe he just has nothing to say. ^_^ IMHO, in my opinion, it is because the
psychic essence left behind from her death has faded away and she only
appears in dreams now.

I have some psychological background (reading from different sources etc)
and I think it unlikely that Amuro imagined the entire episode. After all,
it is some time since Lalah had died and the final fight with Char wasn't
THAT bad for his mental state. Anyway, I just think it is highly unlikely,
though it IS a possibility.

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