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>Amy Bauer-Meister from Blue destiny has been mentioned but apparently Yu
>Kajima also has athe nickname 'Blue Lightning'.

Really? I've read the manga and it wasn't mentioned (then again, it was the
lousy English translation since I couldn't find the original) - maybe in the

>The next two are more interesting and if Mark can shed some light on
>these two characters it would be much appreciated.
>Rid Wolf - 'Dancing Black Deathgod'
>Piloted RX-77, RGC-80, RGM-79 with custom black paint scheme.
>From a book - novel?comic?short story?
>Not to be confused with Zeon's similarly coloured and named 'God of
>Death' unit.

Whoops, I forgot - Terry Sanders from the 8th MS Team was also nicknamed
"Shinigami" (God of Death) but it was a bad nickname - because his entire
unit except him kept on dying in combat on the third mission he took with
them. ^_^

>Samyula - 'Black devil of Texas' - Ace fighter pilot not MS
>And although not a pilot General Reville was apparently given the
>nickname 'Miracle of Ruum'.

Hmm, I didn't know that.

>Also a new addition from Gundam The Ride
>Jack ' the Halloween' Bernard
>and I'm not sure if Adam Stingray has a nickname but he does have a
>special GM with Gundam's dual beam sabre backpack.

What's "The Ride"?

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