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> > *The F91 pilot (forgot the name) is some sort of college engineering
> > student...
> Seabook Arno. And no, he was just taking engineering class in High

    High school? I thought he was 19 or something when F91 started, which
mean he should be in college already... Besides, didn't Cecily "ask"
Seabrook that "Are all engineer student are like him?", suggesting that his
major should be engineering...

> > *Uraki was already a test pilot, added with his obsessions on gundams.
> More like the pilot of the target mobile suit.

    I believe he already have qualification to be a mechanic...

> > *Usso Ebbing was passing time in a MS simulator before he joined the
> > League Militaire.
> That's just his parent preparing him.

    And he seems to have a pretty good knowledge on engineering of MS -
certainly more than average pilots...

> > What about the others?
> Judo Ashita of ZZ was well versed in driving a civilian version of mobile
> suit.

    Because he, along with Beecha and company, savage junk to earn money to
send Judo's sister to school, in additional to earn money for living...

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