Brandon Perlow (
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 20:36:29 -0800 (PST)

I have a few ideas to make new MGs that could depart
from gundam...

1) The Sirbine from Aura Battler Fhantasm(sequel OVA
to Dunbine) WAY cooler than any of the old battlers..

2) The Zuarth (enemy mech from same show)

3) The Escaflowne TV version

4) Alsiedes(enemy guymelef from escaflowne)

5) Schezerade (other good guy guymelef)

6) Escaflowne Movie version

7) Alsiedes Movie version (gotta have the bat wings)

8)All the gasaraki mechs

9)A redone Dougram mechs redone by Katoki and

10) This would be a kickass thing if they would do

Bandai should get all the cool mecha designers and
character sculptors to reinterpret the Super Robots
like Mazinger, Getta, and Reideen.. But make them with
modern sensiblilties but stil keeping the overall
feeling of the originals.. Im thinking something along
the line of the kikaider redos but in MGs..

ANy thoughts??

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