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> Now, the Blue Destiny novelization (written by Yuka Minakawa, editor of
> the upcoming Sunrise-sanctioned Gundam Officials book), fills in more of
> the details around Morses's efforts. The Blue Destiny research effort is
> housed at the Hamilton base, which is also used as a staging area for the
> attack on Zeon's California Base. (I don't think there's a city of that
> name in California, but there _is_ a Mount Hamilton just east of San
> Jose, about 50 miles south of San Francisco.)

Mount Hamilton (37?20'N, 121?37'W) is in the Diablo Range, just 2.75 km (1.7
miles) northwest of the Lick Observatory or about 22 km (13 miles) due east of
San Jose.

But if you travel 265 km (165 miles) north, you'll find Hamilton City (39?42'N,
121?58'W) nestled in the Central Valley, between the Diablo Range and the Sierra
Nevada, 15 km (9 miles) west of Chico or about 140 km (85 miles) north-northwest
of Sacramento.

(You only mentioned this to prod me into looking this up, didn't you?) (^_^)

> I wouldn't be surprised if the three (or more) newtype labs pooled all
> their artificial-newtype candidates and then divvied them up so that each
> one had a useful test subject. Thus Augusta gets Rozamia, Murasame gets
> Four, and the NRX labs get Gates. When the supply starts running out, of
> course, they start swapping them back and forth as their experimental
> needs dictate.

In any case, NRX is pretty much the offspring of the Flanagan Agency, if not a
continuation of the original under new management.

For some reason, I'm reminded of Von Braun and all those V-2 rocket scientists
working at Redstone and in the US space program.


"Don't say that he's hypocritical
Say rather that he's a-politcal
'Vonce ze rockets are up
Who cares vhere zey come down?
Zat's not my depahtment!'
Says Wernher Von Braun"

--Tom Lehrer, That Was The Year That Was (1965), "Wernher Von Braun" (Track 13)

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