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Dafydd writes,

>For what it's worth, the White Base was called "Wooden Horse" and the Gundam
>"White Mobile Suit" -- with Amuro usually referred to as the "White
>Mobile Suit pilot" -- by the Zeon.

  More typically, "shiroi yatsu," where "yatsu" is apparently a somewhat
disrespectful reference. I'm told that this could be rendered as anything
from "that white thing" to "that white bastard", though to my mind
"whitey" has a certain whimsical charm. ("Where's whitey? He hasn't
launched yet!") :-)

  In V Gundam, Cronocle insists on calling the V Gundam "shiroi yatsu"
because he doesn't want to dignify it with the legendary Gundam name...

Rodrick Su writes,

>Not really. Zeon has a head start on mobile suits, so they have more aces
>early on. However, Zeon's military culture does foster the giving nickname
>mentality than the Earth Federation Forces which operates more or less on a
>bureaucratic line.

  Astute observation. Actually, much the same claim is made in the old
MSV books, which explain that while the Federation treated the details of
its mobile suits and identities of their pilots as military secrets (an
attitude seen throughout the original TV series), the Zeon military
celebrated the exploits of their ace pilots and deliberately built cults
of personality around them to boost the Zeon peoples' morale.

  Thus, a Federation and Zeon pilot of equal ability would be treated
very differently. The Zeon pilot would be given a cool nickname,
encouraged to adopt a flashy custom color scheme, and paraded in front of
the media for propaganda purposes. The Federation pilot's exploits would
remain a military secret, known only to his immediate colleagues and -
after the war - to military experts and the underground press (the latter
is confirmed in Z Gundam).

-- Mark

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