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Ah~ So you are the one who wrote that~! ^^ I enjoyed reading it~ ^^ Gotta
admit that you were really helpful when I was playing it ^^ I followed the
stories with Gundam, and Super Robots in Alpha but could not keep up with
all the Eva lines ^^ Gotta play it through again but it takes just too much
time ^^;; GRIN ^^;;;; But it was soo fun I gotta admit ^^ I heard though
that the best one was Super Robot War 4 EX? Is this true? ^^ I have played
everything else BUT THIS ONE ^^;;;; Tsk;;; so sad;;;

Hyun Kye

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>>forgive my ignorance, but what is Super Robot Wars?
>An extremely popular series of games (in Japan, at least - they're
>unknown in the US outside of the anime mecha fan community) in which mecha
>from almost every popular show in Japan is featured - Mazinger, EVA,
>you name it, they got it. It's a war/RPG kinda game. They've been quite a
>number produced, and some are very fun to play.
>I wrote a BIG guide to Alpha, the latest installment - you can check it out
>at gamefaqs. ^_^ (blatant plug, but I deserve it - to my knowledge, I'm the
>first person to actually translate most of an SRW game)
>Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
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