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>>Umm, it wasn't intended to be used with Wing...I didn't do full calculations
>>for it. Sorry. :(
>Then why'd you include "Pilot a Leo or Aries", and "Member of OZ"? ;-)

My friend added those, and besides, it's not full. ^_^

>>Noin's not an ace. ^_^
>I reckon she's a pretty damn good pilot. She graduated from the academy
>with the second-highest marks ever after Zechs - and Zechs says that she
>let him get the best scores. Plus she comes through the Sank Kingdom and
>White Fang chapters, as well as Endless Waltz, intact (seeing quite a bit
>of combat)... while piloting a Taurus! Give her a Gundam and see what she

You DO notice that the only reason she remains alive is because the Wing
boys bail her out every time? ^_^ Standard scenario is Noin goes out, the
Wing boys split up, Noin kills some mechs, Quatre remarks about how good she
is, after some more fighting, she gets in over her head and Duo and Quatre
arrive to save her ass. (Don't get me wrong - I like Noin. In fact, I think
Noin is great, and not just because she's voice-acted by Chisa Yokoyama
either. ^_^)

It's a SENYOU Taurus, BTW. (Special-use)

>And had a very low chance of doing so.

Well, yeah, but the chance was there, right? ^_^ You didn't EXPECT his
death, so my chart comes through once again. ^_^

>BTW, "Factors contributing to survival" should include:
>Attempt Suicide: 20%
>Recieve Death Threats: 10%

Okay, I'll add them.

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