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> An PG Tallgeese III is possible is well. The PG Wing Zero Custom needs
> something to fight.

I don't think that would be the correct argument to justify a PG Tallgeese 3
because Zechs and the Tallgeese 3 are good guys in Endless Waltz (in other
words, they don't fight each other, even for a fraction of a second). the
bad guy is the Serpent, which is doubtful that they would make one even
though they have made a mass produced mecha as a PG in the Zaku, I know the
Serpent doesn't enjoy the fame of the Zaku (PG Leos anyone? ^_^)

I'm thinking PG Sazabi or Nu but two things:
a. they recently released the MG for those (actully they WILL BE releasing
the MG for the Nu)
b. the price tags for the MG Sazabi and Nu is enough to turn off a lot of
modellers, like me, who have tight budgets (heck, I only own ONE master
grade out of the dozen kits I have so I wouldn't dream of PGs)

I guess a Gelgoog is a safe bet, but I'm thinking something from the Zeta
series to complement the Zeta but not necessarily an enemy suit (a type 100

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