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Sort've Spoiler Alert

In the novelizations, the White Base crew (at least the main players) all find out
the relationship between Char and Sayla. In fact, Char actually comes on board
White Base and tells everyone that Sayla is his sister.

Joaquin Torres

-Z- wrote:

> If I remember correctly, Bright was the only White Base crew member other than
> Amuro who knew that Sayla was the erstwhile Artesia Som Daikun. Although her
> brother, then known as Quattro Vezina, announced his identity as Cassoval Lem
> Daikun and Char "Red Comet" Aznable at the Dakar Deliberative Assembly on 16
> November 0087, he didn't mention his interim alter ego as Edward Maas, big
> brother to Sayla. Sayla even listened to that broadcast and decided not to get
> involved in her brother's latest escapade.

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