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>Hopefully, this will settle the debate about how well they'd do in UC
>(Yeah, I wish!)
>Characters taking the test: Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wu Fei, Zechs,
>Noin, Treize.

Umm, it wasn't intended to be used with Wing...I didn't do full calculations
for it. Sorry. :(

>>If you are female and are protecting someone = 20%
>I think Noin counts (Protecting Queen Relena)
>Noin: 55%

This was actually supposed to be protecting someone MALE, but since females
usually protect males in the Gundam world I felt it didn't need the addition...

>>Try to violate the Antartic Treaty = 15%
>>Tell your men to leave ahead of him/her = 20%
>Noin: 75%

She didn't violate the Antartic Treaty! ^_^

>>Are an ace = 20%
>All: 20%

Noin's not an ace. ^_^

>>Protect kids = 10%
>>Appear in more than one Gundam series = 10%
>Does EW count?
>Zechs: 145%
>Heero: 105%
>Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wu Fei: 95%
>Noin: 35%

Yes, which should bring Noin up.

>Major discrepancies there for Noin and Treize.

Noin can be explained - she almost kicks the bucket during the series a LOT.
That's the beauty of the Chart - it manages to compute near deaths, too! ^_^

Treize DID die.

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