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Wasn't that the FA ZZ, not the FAZZ? :P

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> Thanks, Mark, for providing a detailed summary of essential technicality.
> As for the beam deflection system on the FAZZ in 0088, it is actually a
> coating, as briefed to Juudo by Aziranchi (not sure of the spelling, but
he dates
> the ill-fated Ciara in CCA). That coating is supposed to withstand weak
> shots for a very brief time only, so it baffles me to see how FAZZ manages
> take all those beam shots from both Dooven Wolf and Quin Mantha,
considering the
> firepower of these two units are ranked among the highest of their time.
> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > When do mobile suits get this capability? The first one I can think of
> > is the Ex-S Gundam (circa 0088), whose limited I-field barrier protects
> > only the cockpit area. The giant mobile suit Quin Mantha has an I-field
> > barrier, but it's mobile armor-sized, so this doesn't really count. :-)
> > The Full Armor ZZ _appears_ to have such a barrier - Rakan's shots curve
> > around an invisible bubble, rather than bouncing off a luminous aura as
> > with the usual newtype-generated barrier - but I don't think this has
> > ever been acknowledged in print.
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