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I've got an offer for the first GMLer in good standing to take me up on it.
Earlier this summer I bought the domains and
with the intention of developing a, wait for it, Gundam news site.I've lost
interest in the project, so the domains are pretty much doing nothing at all
at the moment, and they're paid for up until sometime next summer. They're
registered through (cost about $12us/year per domain) so anyone
who wants 'em beyond the free period can easily keep paying for them for not
a lotta money...
I'm not interested in making this complicated on myself, so you gotta meet
the following requirements:
1. Be a member of the GML and have posted at least a couple of times.
2. Have access to your own DNS servers (you need two) so I can update the
record to point to your servers before I transfer it to you
3. You must actually understand what #2 means ;p As I said, I want this to
be quick and painless so unless you know what you're doing, please don't
waste both our time ;p

So, any of you care for a pair of free domains?

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