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The Bio sensor, indeed, is the best candidate to explain all that weird stuff in
the Z and ZZ series. They are probably what sparked all this discussion in the
first place -- magnified brainwave (more like anger) negating beam shots -- give
me a break.

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> I thought it's two separate issue - people are just asking if Camille
> and Judo can "talk" to other people via just NT power. All those stuff from
> Zeta and ZZ can pretty much attribute to bio-sensor...

This is a nice summary. What I observe, however, is a need for us to draw the
line between NT abilities that belong to the battlefield and those which don't.
It seems like the former would include heightened psycho-wave/brainwave emission
and 3D instincts. All the rest such as increased empathy and all that
humanistic, idealistic stuff belong to the latter, which would have a better use
at Dakar, in front of all those indecisive Federation representatives. In the
warfare section, Amuro scores much better in the 3D instincts part. That is why
he is such a skilled pilot, who doesn't need an NT unit to score well on the
battlefield. By contrast, Quess and Puru II are endowed with high brainwave
emission, but their piloting skills...

> Are you sure that you don't confuse being the "best" Newtype pilot or
> just plain "best" Newtype? Ever since the first series, it has been pretty
> evident that Amuro's NT power is weaker than the next "generation" NT. I
> truly believe there are a few class of Newtypes - The first type is people
> like Quess and Lalah, who has really high Newtype potential, but generally
> not very good at piloting. The second type is Camille and Judo, who have
> "higher" NT power than others, but still have the piloting skill to "duke it
> out" with other ace pilots without much NT aid. The third type is Amuro and
> Char, who has "weaker" NT power than the second type, but have much better
> piloting skill. The last type is Fa and Katsu, who can barely use their NT
> powers, although they still can learn to pilot a MS much quicker than normal
> pilots...

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