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Tue, 31 Oct 2000 17:27:02 -0600

Thanks, Mark, for providing a detailed summary of essential technicality.

As for the beam deflection system on the FAZZ in 0088, it is actually a beam
coating, as briefed to Juudo by Aziranchi (not sure of the spelling, but he dates
the ill-fated Ciara in CCA). That coating is supposed to withstand weak beam
shots for a very brief time only, so it baffles me to see how FAZZ manages to
take all those beam shots from both Dooven Wolf and Quin Mantha, considering the
firepower of these two units are ranked among the highest of their time.

Mark Simmons wrote:

> When do mobile suits get this capability? The first one I can think of
> is the Ex-S Gundam (circa 0088), whose limited I-field barrier protects
> only the cockpit area. The giant mobile suit Quin Mantha has an I-field
> barrier, but it's mobile armor-sized, so this doesn't really count. :-)
> The Full Armor ZZ _appears_ to have such a barrier - Rakan's shots curve
> around an invisible bubble, rather than bouncing off a luminous aura as
> with the usual newtype-generated barrier - but I don't think this has
> ever been acknowledged in print.

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