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> Okay, can anyone see any glaring problems with this set-up:
> During CCA, the Federation arrests Sayla, declaring her a security risk due
> to being Char's brother. In the aftermath of the movie, they decide to
> execute her on trumped-up charges of assisting her brother's attempt at
> genocide (any relation of Char is considered too dangerous to live), but
> she is busted out by Bright Noah and some other White Base crew survivors.
> Sayla steals a prototype Gundam from the base where she is being held
> prisoner and flees to Mars. On Mars, she gets mixed up in a conflict
> involving several different colonist factions, with the Jupiter Empire
> playing most of the sides. Then, the Federation decides to "enforce peace"
> on Mars...

If I remember correctly, Bright was the only White Base crew member other than
Amuro who knew that Sayla was the erstwhile Artesia Som Daikun. Although her
brother, then known as Quattro Vezina, announced his identity as Cassoval Lem
Daikun and Char "Red Comet" Aznable at the Dakar Deliberative Assembly on 16
November 0087, he didn't mention his interim alter ego as Edward Maas, big
brother to Sayla. Sayla even listened to that broadcast and decided not to get
involved in her brother's latest escapade.

That's not to say that Federation spooks couldn't figure it out or that Char
didn't let something slip in one of the many interviews he gave while promoting
Neo Zeon's claim to the Sweetwater colony and so on. But a better motivation on
the part of the Federation government would be a desire to lay hands on Sayla's
share of Char's gold, which he was spreading around quite openly in exchange for
Axis and other means to his end. They'd have no way of knowing that Sayla had
long since bequeathed her share in equal parts to the White Base crew, nor would
they be likely to believe the story if they heard it.

As of UC 0088, Sayla has earned her medical degree and become a doctor. Her
subsequent actions may thus be influenced by her Hippocratic oath, whose primary
tenet is to do no harm. If you regarded her as a pacifist before, it would go
double thereafter.

> (Judo and Roux will probably also show up, BTW).
> Now, a question: How much is known about settlements on Mars, and about
> the Jupiter Empire?

Not much, as there's never been any settlements on Mars, other than a base
established by Zeon revenants, which remained hidden for over forty years.


The Jupiter Empire was pretty much a mystery until Crossbone Gundam and, even
there, it remains pretty mysterious.



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