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After a brief review, I've identified the creators of the NRX line of Newtype
mobile suits in Z Gundam.

It's our old friends, the Flanagan Agency.

Sort of.

Anton Flanagan (UC 0009-0080) established the Agency in neutral Side 6 (L4) in
June of 0079. The novels cite the Baldur Bay colony and, so far as I know, the
TV series never actually specifies, the actual location, although I'd assume
it's whatever colony Char and Lalah were in when White Base stopped by for R&R.

The Flanagan Agency was dedicated to the study of Newtype phenomena and the
development of a means of harnessing it. In October 0079, only four months
after it was founded, it completed a prototype psycho-communicator (psychom)

Flanagan died in UC 0080, at which time the Flanagan Agency was reorganized into
the Newtype Research Institute. This is how I lost track of it -- I forgot
about the name change and also misremembered the name of the Murasame Psychic
Institue as Murasame Psychic Research Institute, thus merging the two together.

By the way, both the Murasame Psychic Institute and the Augusta Newtype
Laboratory were secretly established by the EFSF in April 0082.

So we have the MRX line from the Murasame Psychic Institute, the NRX line from
the Newtype Research Intitute, formerly the Flanagan Agency, and the ORX line
from Augusta Newtype Laboratory. At some point, Nanai Mingele became the
director of the Newtype Research Institute and Char's mistress, not necessarily
in that order.


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