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Here's a translation of the text on the website. I think what it's basically
saying is that it makes a great display item, but mobility is kind of
limited and it's not really something to play with.

It is and is touch.However, since monochrome is large, POJINGU is restricted
as it is natural (smile).Incidentally the click is carefully [ a hip joint
and a knee joint ] contained.Incidentally, vertical swing cannot be
performed although TSUME can perform right-and-left swing.However, in order
to support this huge form, I think that this joint is the Taisho -- ball joint -- if it puts in, I will support a main part
absolutely and will not go out -- carrying out .About a gimmick, since it is
BIGUZAMU well, there is no SUGOI so much.It is that it is as that
TSUMEMISAIRU separates ?? [, and ]. It is such 11touch well. [ that huge
MEGA ??? carries out movable ] [ that BANIA carries out movable ]The core
booster of the BIGUZAMU (MSinACT besides =) said scale is attached as OMAKE
the back.Although it is the scale of a grade larger just for a moment than
GACHAPON, the contents are BATCHIRI this passage.Incidentally a material is
vinyl chloride.Unlike the conventional MSinACT, in the translation of
saying, this BIGUZAMU is not a GASHIGASHI play ??? thing.however, such a
BAKA wooden-clogs item (it praises and is language) has been commercialized
individually I want to buy ?? of BANDAI.Since it probably thinks that it is
also behind also in advance that such a thing is commercialized only in ???
If it wavers, I will recommend you to buy it.I think that regret is not
carried out with it being absolute -- HONTOif it has decorated right
[ that ] -- somehow -- merit [ luck ] -- or [ that only 11I feel that that
is right ] (smile)It returns to a
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