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Zhou Tai An wrote:
> >and if you are Amuro Rei they might make you just a tad full of
> >yourself. remember in the movies when he ws fighting on earth? and he
> >blamed all of his misses on mis-aligned equipment?
> It's a failing all great pilots have. ^_^ Char blames ANY kind of bad
> performance on his part on equipment. And judging from how good those two
> are, it might actually BE their equipment...
> >> You've got another member here. I believe they are ALL newtypes, and so is
> >> Zechs.
> >>
> >and what about those time s Duo uesed that scythe of his on an MS that
> >was Behind him without looking (the standard MS cockpit even on most
> >Gundams is just three flat screens on the front and sides.. no view in
> >back)
> Precisely. I think they are all Newtypes. Either that or their training is
> beyond excellent. Or both.
> >i had assumed that it worked by collecting data from all the MS's
> >sensors, it's data banks, the Pilot's own mind, and crunched the numbers
> >in a super AI and then fed tactical advice based on that info directly
> >into the pilot's brain
> Whatever the method, it's supposed to make you a better pilot...
> >> I don't recall Hiro and Zechs fighting worse in Wing Zero and Epyon...if
> >> anything, they fought a whole lot better.
> >>
> >i don't remember their being a degradation of thier pilot abilities
> >either, perhaps degradation in judgment due to prolonged Zero System use
> Probably correct.
> >actually, that was technology if i remember correctly, the precursor ot
> >the beam shields of F91, which use adapted beam saber technology not
> >Psychoframe technology
> Then explain to me why no one else can use the funnels like that? ^_^
because they were fin funnels and not standard funnels, the beam barrier
was a design feature of these "super funnels"

> still think it's Amuro's abilities that let him form the shield.
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