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Okay, can anyone see any glaring problems with this set-up:

During CCA, the Federation arrests Sayla, declaring her a security risk due
to being Char's brother. In the aftermath of the movie, they decide to
execute her on trumped-up charges of assisting her brother's attempt at
genocide (any relation of Char is considered too dangerous to live), but
she is busted out by Bright Noah and some other White Base crew survivors.
Sayla steals a prototype Gundam from the base where she is being held
prisoner and flees to Mars. On Mars, she gets mixed up in a conflict
involving several different colonist factions, with the Jupiter Empire
playing most of the sides. Then, the Federation decides to "enforce peace"
on Mars...

(Judo and Roux will probably also show up, BTW).

Now, a question: How much is known about settlements on Mars, and about
the Jupiter Empire?
Andrew Dynon

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