Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 22:50:11 +0800 (SGT)

>> Wow, you have the novels! You DO know that since they're out of print,
>> they're collector's items now? ^_^
>Not quite. As Edward Ju had pointed out in the past, it's a myth on the
>GML that the novels released by Del Rey are collector's items worth
>their weight in gold. You can occasionally find them on eBay going for
>less than US$10 each.

Do you notice the smiley? ^_^ I meant it as a joke.

>Anyway, if you look hard enough, you still can get them in Singapore at
>2nd-hand bookstores. That's where I got mine.

I know, but they're lousy translations - I can't be bothered. I'm waiting
till I can find the originals.

Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)

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