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At 13:12 10/31/2000 +0800, Zhou Tai An wrote:
>Um, then explain to me two things - how come Nu Gundam has an I-Field

        I think the Nu uses it's funnels (or whatever) to create an I-Field.
I'm not too sure whether this can be considered a traditional I-field
generator -- didn't really go into that discussion the last time it came
around -- but noting that the funnels have to recharge eventually, that
particular I-Field wasn't too reliable either.

>and how come Gato is able to grab and destroy the externally-mounted
I-Field Generator Dendrobium has?

        The GP-03, with the Dendrobium, is larger than most *MA*. If an MA
can carry an I-Field, a Dendrobium definitely can carry a I-Field.

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