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At 16:29 10/30/2000 -0800, garrick lee wrote:
>> In other words, even if you kill one Kou Uraki off, chances are he
>> will come back to face you in another stolen Gundam.
>that is quite positively evil.
>*swats lim jyue with the shin garrick tomahawk*

        *Ducks, and at the same time holds up Kou Uraki up as a shield. The
Shin Garrick Tomahawk shears into Kou Uraki, nearly decapitating him, but
strangely, Kou Uraki immediately starts to heal and soon, no sign of damage
can be seen. Furthermore, Garrick also notice the appearance of another set
of Kou*

        Hah! I wonder why MSes don't just tie Kou Uraki to their suits --
oh, right, every 5 times Kou gets hit, you get an extra Kou, so the weight
sorts of adds up...


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