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>While the numbers don't look too realistic, Axis does seem to >be fitted
with a
>set of exceptional engines. Recall how it attained speed >within such a
>time in CCA, such that the Neo-Zeon forces could set it to a >desired


>Moreover, the Zeon remnant fleet might not have taken the >fastest route to
>Axis. Consider the time it took Axis' Advance Fleet to reach >the Earth
>in Stardust Memory: I believe it is less than 18 months. The >remnant
>might have taken more time to "take breaths," as it is afterall >a remnant
>fleet, which means it might have been laden with damaged >vessels and

Also take into consideration that Axis isn't in the same position all the
time in relation to Earth due to it's orbit around the Sun.

>As for deceleration, I wonder if Axis has reverse engines or >other devices
>such purpose. Perhaps there was no need for deceleration in >the anime

>-- Hamaan might have just changed Axis' course a little bit and >then ram
>into the former A Bao A Qu. Afterwards, with perhaps some >change of
>again, Hamaan conveniently directs the asteroid base to >Granada. That way
>Axis force gets to save some major fuel... Maybe that's why they >have
>resources to churn out all those cool mecha...

Rodrick Su wrote:

> Question: Did Axis moved a bit too fast on its way back from the asteroid
> belt?
> The OYW Zeon remnant fleet took 18 months to get to the asteroid.
> Axis took 20 months to return to Earth Sphere, while being several order
> magnitude more massive than any spaceship. With that much mass to be
> displace, does it take more time to get it up to speed? And one thing I
> keep on noticed in animation as well as in live action: Acceleration get
> more screen time than deceleration. We never get to see Axis decelerate
> (except being deflect by Gate of Sedon and the colony laser).
> [ Rodrick Su

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