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> Still, the possibility is there. Whereas a genuine "bit"
>(a la the
>Elmeth) has its own power supply, a funnel stores its beam >energy in an
>E-cap and has to return to its host every few shots to recharge >and

> The Hi-Nu is an interesting case. Technically, the Nu >Gundam's fin
>funnels should be considered bits, since they have their own >internal
>generator. They're also stored externally to the mobile suit, >making it
>hard to refuel them. The Hi-Nu's fin-funnel racks give the same >ability
>to resupply its remote weapons that the Qubeley, Geymarck, >Sazabi, et al
>have with their funnel containers. (Hm... since the Jagd Doga >stores its
>funnels externally, I wonder whether they can be recharged and >refueled?)

>-- Mark

Probably one of the reasons why the FF have they're own mini generators so
that they can fly out longer while the others FFs try to reassemble
themselves into the Nu's back.

The Jagd-Doga can probably recharge the funnels through sone connector of
some sort on the shoulder shield.

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