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>Question: Did Axis moved a bit too fast on its way back from >the asteroid

>The OYW Zeon remnant fleet took 18 months to get to the >asteroid.

>Axis took 20 months to return to Earth Sphere, while being >several order
>magnitude more massive than any spaceship. With that much mass >to be
>displace, does it take more time to get it up to speed?

You do have a point. one theory is that it was already moving at speed so
they probably didn't have to accelerate much.

Also, weren't they moving already in 0083?

>one thing I
>keep on noticed in animation as well as in live action: >Acceleration get
>more screen time than deceleration. We never get to see Axis >decelerate
>(except being deflect by Gate of Sedon and the colony laser).

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