Ricky Lai (x-lai@uchicago.edu)
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 01:17:39 -0600

They were certainly "trained" while frozen, but that doesn't mean they were good
pilots. The entire NT special task force of Puru clones was wiped out by a
Geymalk piloted by Ciara -- and she isn't that great of a pilot to begin with.
If you throw them out of their Mass-produced Qubeley's and put them in Zaku's or
Gaza's, they'd probably be shot the minute they flew out from the mothership.

Edmund Chiu wrote:

> ??? All Puru clones have been exposed to training in MS piloting, even
> when they are asleep. They certain can and will perform better than your
> typical rookie or even veterans.

Beam barrier seems to exceed the capabilities of the bio-sensor, but this isn't
important anyway -- both Z and ZZ series indeed stetch a little too much.

> Well, almost everybody agrees that ZZ really stretch things, especially
> with the Newtype powers. I believe Judo and Camille does those NT things
> with the help of bio-sensor...

I'd be one of those diehard Gundam veterans who take the ZZ series with a grain
of salt.

> I am not sure if you remember a certain conversation back in Gundam
> mailing list or not (probably not), but people have already mention that
> Tomino seems to be "trying" to make a really bad Gundam series just so he
> can work on other projects beside Gundam stuff. If you just keep on picking
> stuff from ZZ Gundam, you aren't going to get a lot of support there, simply
> because even most diehard Gundam veterans take ZZ with a grain of salt...

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