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> > Actually, no. The I-field generator is huge and takes up large
> >amounts of power and coolant, hence at about 0091 (CCA), it was not
> >to mount an I-field generator that could cover the whole MS onto a
> >regular-sized MS.
> Um, then explain to me two things - how come Nu Gundam has an I-Field
> Generator, and how come Gato is able to grab and destroy the
> externally-mounted I-Field Generator Dendrobium has?

    Nu Gundam don't have an I-Field mounted to the MS itself - it relies on
the funnels for the barrier that acts similarly to I-Field. As for GP03D,
look at the MS itself - notice how far the generator is from the engine?
Most normal side MS don't have that much space. Besides, Gato could have
just damage the cooling system...

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