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> Newtypes are, of course, not totally invincible. In fact, just take most
> the so-called NT pilots in the ZZ series. How can it be true that Puru
> all her clones) even survive on the battlefield if not were the storyline?
> They have absolutely no piloting skills whatsoever!

    ??? All Puru clones have been exposed to training in MS piloting, even
when they are asleep. They certain can and will perform better than your
typical rookie or even veterans.

> Since we are on the subject, let's not forget the novelty of "beam
> generated by NTs and Enhanced Humans (most notably from the ZZ series).
> pilots can negate beam shots, which are physical objects, then --
> speaking -- shouldn't an extremely powerful NT or EH have the ability to
> destroy MSs solely with their psychic powers? By saying that NTs can
> material such as beam shots, isn't Tomino -- or whoever is responsible for
> impossibility -- implying that they could also vaporize other material
> such as Gundarium?

    Well, almost everybody agrees that ZZ really stretch things, especially
with the Newtype powers. I believe Judo and Camille does those NT things
with the help of bio-sensor...

> Basically, the scope of NT, and EH to a certain extent, is not very well
> thought out, at least not in terms of the physical manifestations of their
> psychic powers. Perhaps the producers should just stick to heighted
> superior perception, and telepathy.

    I am not sure if you remember a certain conversation back in Gundam
mailing list or not (probably not), but people have already mention that
Tomino seems to be "trying" to make a really bad Gundam series just so he
can work on other projects beside Gundam stuff. If you just keep on picking
stuff from ZZ Gundam, you aren't going to get a lot of support there, simply
because even most diehard Gundam veterans take ZZ with a grain of salt...

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