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Subject: [gundam] Am I the only one NOT CONVINCED?

> Just wondering whether I'm the only person who ISN'T convinced that
> ablilties make a pilot invincible to normal humans? I know the heroes of
> all Tomino's series (except maybe Turn A) are newtypes, but still...

    Nobody say their are invincible - people are saying that people with NT
skill are "harder" to kill, and that they are pretty "rare". How often do
you see a Newtype pilot? Dozen at the most at a time, and that's probably
counting both sides. And besides, because of their "added" ability and the
legendary skill of Amuro Rei, people believe in their ability to make a

> Firstly, from what I know, Newtype abilities consist of rapid skill
> development, improved perception, psychic abilities, and the ability to
> funnels/bits. These can be useful, but I don't think they guarantee
> invincibility. The rapid skill development thing is good, but presumably
> human pilot with enough experience could gain a similar skill level.

    Actually, most just show an ability to perform much better in "3D" (in
space) and the ability to "sense" strong thoughts or emotions. They learn to
pilot much faster than normal pilot because they don't have the problem
"normal" pilot has - learning to move in 3D space. Almost all Newtype pilots
excel in space combat because of their "advance" perception in space. People
"fear" Newtype because they learn to be a "good" pilot much quicker and
younger. How old was Amuro, Camille and Judo when they are consider aces?
What about Seabrook? He wasn't that old when the whole F91 thing started -
yet he quickly became a very good pilot in very short amount of time, a rate
that you rarely, if ever, found in non-newtype pilots. In non-newtype pilot
development, they take more and more actualy combat to "develop" a sense
similar to Newtype to make them an effective pilot, and it increase the risk
of them die in combat. Now you tell me - if you are the army, wouldn't you
try to find Newtype pilots, when they are quicker to become an effective
pilot? Besides, other than a few Tomino series, Newtype are rare to come
by - by the time of V Gundam, people thought it's more like a legend.
> My second reason has to do with the Wing series and the Zero system (I
> personally am a part of the very small minority that believes that at
> some of the Wing boys are in fact newtypes (based on very small pieces of
> evidence), but that's probably beside the point here). The Zero system
> improves a pilot's skill by predicting the enemy's movements, much like
> Newtypes can. However, I remember something about the effectiveness of
> this method decreasing as the pilot's skill increased, and use of the
> system actually DECREASING the skills of Heero and Zechs... which would
> mean, NT or not, they have skills equivalent to them.

    You are wrong on one thing - Newtype feel something (or predict) as the
target makes it, not predict what they COULD do. Zero system just basically
make a summary of what the enemy could do and what the pilot can do, and
then feed it directly to the pilot's mind. I see two different things.

> Third, Amuro and Char, probably the best pilots in UC, aren't very
> Newtypes. If Newtype ability was that big a factor in skill, then
> shouldn't the more powerful newtypes be the best pilots?

    What you forgot is that Newtype powers made a "normal" pilot much
better, meaning if one Newtype pilot fight against a non-newtype pilot, and
they have similar "piloting skill" (meaning experience in combat, etc.), a
Newtype pilot has a better chance of winning. In war, you want anything that
gives you an edge...

> Finally, there have been incidents of normal humans beating newtypes. Not
> counting "first battle" scenarios, Amuro got his butt kicked by Ranba Ral
> the first time they fought, Quess was killed by Chien (don't think Chien
> was a newtype, but it's been a while since I saw CCA), and Garoad beat
> Kallis in Gundam X.

    I am not sure where you get that impression, but all Newtypes are
"beatable" - it's just harder to beat them. Besides, all "newtypes" in
Gundam X isn't the same Newtypes we have seen in UC timeline.

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